soup.filmproduktion GmbH

SOUP Film ist einer der führenden Werbefilmproduktionsfirmen in Deutschland mit Sitz in Berlin started with one director, a telephone and three confirmed jobs.
Stephan Fruth set up shop in 2000, without an office or company name but with people who believed in his vision of a production house dedicated to building up German directors and working with people you could be friends with. His professional journey has led him from Munich where he started out as a production manager in Bulle Berndt's infamous 'Filmhaus', via Hamburg where he led up the local 'Neue Sentimental Film' until it went public and to Berlin introducing his very own 'Soup.Film'. From its original boutique size 'Soup.Film' has meanwhile developed to become one of the leading advertising film-production companies in Germany

Für dieses Unternehmen hat das Team der Code Alliance die Websiten- und Backend-Betreuung, einen Websiten-Relaunch sowie das maßgeschneiderte Hosting übernommen. Ebenso führten unsere Experten eine Suchmaschinenoptimierung für die Webseite durch.

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