Interface Programming (API Programming)

API (Application Programming Interface), also calledinterface programming, enables the unified and structured data transfer between web applications.

What is Interface programming?

Many webservices and websites offer interfaces to enable the integration of different data on a website. For example, features of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube can be used. Also the connection of banks, hotels, payment service providers, intelligence services or Google Maps is an interesting usage possibility.
Many software products offer in addition, the possibility of import and export functions. That enables the exchange of data between different software. The programming and developing of these additional programs for the communication of software products among themselves, is called interface programming.
This is, for example, very interesting in programming of business software or ERP systems (enterprise resource planning). Whether it is about the integration of various software or database integration … there are many options when it comes to simplifying and optimizing daily business processes through the use of interfaces.

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Programming Interfaces – Our Service

  • Interfaces to web services
  • Database interfaces
  • Product Portal interfaces
  • Merchandise management system interfaces
  • Payment interface for web shops
  • Social media interface (eg Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc)
  • XML interfaces
  • Individual interface programming

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Interfaces to web services

We develop interfaces to Web services to retrieve data or to implement such. For example SEPA XML with banks, agency reservations for hotels, vacancies for the Federal Employment Agency (BA-HR-XML). Further examples are e.g. retrieving stock quotes in real time, price lists, news, weather information, stock market prices, exchange rates or other data for example, your website or ERP systems.

Database interfaces

A database interface is suitable for the connection of data in your database with other databases or other software.
The data transfer can be made directly (eg via ODBC.) or through a medium:, XML or CSV files, WebServices / SOAP, Access databases, Excel files, Oracle, MySQL etc.
This type of interface programming, we often use in ERP systems and enterprise software. Our pleasure to advise you on this issue. Contact us!

Product Portal interfaces

You want to increase your sales and your shop-products? How about if you advertise your products in addition to its own shop in other portals, such as Ciao, Pangora,, Kelkoo, Yatego, testeo, Idealo or Google Shopping? Also online shop connections to the Amazon Marketplace or eBay can be realized easily.
We offer interface programming on your product portals and ensure that your shop items are immediately up to date and error-free to find in the product portals. Ask our programmers!

Merchandise management system interfaces

In order to optimize products, prices, customer data, etc. of your online store, and vice versa export orders and customer data from the shop in the enterprise resource planning, programming of an order management system interface is suitable.
There are  standard interfaces, on which we can build. If there is no interface product, we can also develop a merchandise management interface individually.

Interface for payment service

To allow your customers secure and convenient payment in your webshop, we can offer you the developing and connection of a payment interface. In order for the payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), direct debit, PayPal or „Sofortüberweisung“ in web shops is also possible.
Code Alliance advises you in finding and choosing the best payment system and connects your shop to the payment provider. For this purpose we develop interfaces to PayPal, Heidelpay or other payment system providers. In addition to the interface programming, we also would be happy to develop a shop for you.

Social media interfaces

Ff you want to connect social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) or other web applications (Google Maps, Google Chart) on your website, we would be happy to support you and, for example, integrate a Twitter or Facebook stream on your website.

XML interfaces

XML interfaces are interfaces using an XML protocol such. As SOAP, for example, advantageous for the cross-platform data exchange (z. B. Linux / Windows), but will gladly used because XML tools such. as XSLT for pure Windows or Linux solutions.

Individual interface programming

You have your own idea of an interface that is not explicitly listed here? No problem! Just ask, we will develop your individual interfaces project.
Do not hesitate and feel free to ask for a free offer for an individual interface programming. Our developers are looking forward to new challenges and provide you expertise and knowledge!

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